Genewars has a long history. Originally the project was started in 1991 as an Amiga CD32 game, known as “Biosphere” but it was later postponed and reworked for the PC with a different graphic style. Here are some pictures from 1991:
Here you can see, how it developed. This picture is from early stage of Genewars production:
In this video you can see, how they developed this game few months later:
And one more picture, before it looked like now:
Here are some pictures of building, which you can't use in the game, but can be found in data of original Genewars and it's called fusion battery, which provides energy. As you can see this building can be upgraded:
There is also one midi song, which they didn't use in the game, but you can find it in LDATA folder. Here you can listen to this song:
I'm sure that a lot of you noticed that it's not possible to upgrade ethereal detector to third stage. You can do it only with cheat codes, but when you type them, you can see that this upgrade is available in level 25, but game has 24 levels! What's more our enemies can do it in the last level. You can notice, that all buildings our foe can upgrade always one level before us. That's not fair!
Have you ever tried to kill all enemies? Yes, I know... It's not possible. Some are mortal, some are not. Their health decreases to 1, but that's all. They're still alive! Why? Maby it would be too easy?
I'm sure you also noticed that when you do research on new creature, your enemy get's the same thing. Our foe doesn't have to do anything, because he get's the same thing in his gene pod, with the same %! With flowers it's similar.
When you use cheat codes, you can notice, that there was supposed to be 125 levels! But only 24 are playable. Maby they wanted to create more planets? Who knows. In my opinion this game is too short. 
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